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Steady Demand Pro

Steady Demand Pro + FriendsPlus.Me = #Winning!

Steady Demand Pro, when used in conjunction with FriendsPlus.Me, delivers a powerful tool set at your command.
Managing your Google Plus Business Page can be fun, exciting, and, at times, difficult to measure. Steady Demand Pro helps you measure your Google Plus business or personal brand while getting actionable insights, information, and alerts.Yes, Google Plus Analytics!

Why, you may ask, is this a winning combination?

Discover the best time of day, based on your behavior, then schedule your posts from FriendsPlus.Me. Easy!
See how your posts are performing, along with their grades and then use FriendsPlus.Me to broadcast them to other networks. Awesome!
Your engagement is improved by using FriendsPlusMe right? Prove it by measuring the results with Steady Demand Pro. Accountability FTW!
Easily see what your best post types are, then watch the impact they have on Google Plus, after being shared across other social platforms. Woot!
Find your top engagers and +mention them in FriendsPlus.Me. More Engagement!

The proof is in the PLUS! FriendsPlus.Me and Steady Demand Pro are here to make your life easier.

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Plus My Reach

Plus My Reach, in its simplest form analyses the engagement of any Google Plus Hangout event. It informs you of who attended, engaged, their gender and much more.

Our users have found this tool invaluable when analysing the engagement of their event, how effective their pre event marketing was and has helped them also extend the shelf life and reach of their events significantly by allowing them to engage with those that engaged with the event themselves.

Plus My Reach provides insight that no other tool can and support users who use Hangouts that are looking for sponsorship, high profile guests and indeed to simply improve their engagement with their audience.

Test drive Plus My Reach for free today. Use the code FRIENDSPLUSME5 and receive one-time 5% discount for any subscription!


CircleCount, helps you better understand Google+.

With the partnership between CircleCount and Friends+Me you will get insights about your profile and posts directly on Friends+Me.

Check out how often your photos and post have been viewed and how the engagement on your posts changed over time.
You will get these analytics for free within your Friends+Me account, something you won’t get even directly on Google+.

More than 50.000 persons are already using CircleCount to get a better understanding of Google+, to get free Google+ Analytics, to find the shared circles they have been included in, to manage their favorite Google+ posts, to get additional information on Google+ using their chrome extension, to see where their followers are coming from, to manage their Google+ Pages but also to find interesting new people on Google+.

Check out CircleCount for free! No promotion code required, you just need a Google+ Account.