Our awesome features

Friends+Me is the best tool to maintain and grow your social media presence with focus on Google+

  • Schedule Google+ Pages posts

    Create new Google+ Page posts, attach link or photo if you want, and share them immediately or schedule for later.

  • Team Support

    Invite your co-workers and friends to help you manage your accounts and publish great content.

  • Schedule Reposts From Google+

    Your new Google+ posts will be reposted to other networks immediately or at predefined times in the future.

  • Works Across All Devices

    The great thing about Friends+Me is that it works across all devices. With no exception.

  • #

    Unique Repost Control

    Control reposts by hashtags. How? Simply use one or more control hashtags within your Google+ posts. You can use default set of control hashtags or create your own.

  • Twitter Inline Images

    Feature designed to help you to increase clicks, favorites and retweets of your Twitter reposts. Any Google+ post image will be reposted to Twitter as an inline image.

  • Supported Source Networks

    Friends+Me support reposts from Google+ profiles and pages.

  • Supported Destination Networks

    Friends+Me supports reposts to Google+ Pages, Twitter Profiles, App.Net Profiles, Facebook Profiles, Groups and Pages, Linkedin Profiles, Groups and Company Pages, Tumblr Public and Private Blogs.

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